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Welcome to 'Baggage Claim', the podcast where we unpack our emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual baggage. Throughout the show, I'll be joined by guests as we take a journey through the twist and turns of life. We'll explore the contents of our baggage, how we manage it, and how we aim to let it go. 

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Care Consistency - check in on yourself
February 19, 2024x
00:49:2545.23 MB

Care Consistency - check in on yourself

On today's episode I'm joined by the multi-talented Tempest Pierce. We have some baggage...moving, Denmark, time, and being overwhelmed while trying to keep it cute! *Life has been lifeing so thanks l...

Baggage Breakdowns with Nyemade
February 02, 2024x
00:34:1331.33 MB

Baggage Breakdowns with Nyemade

Have you ever had a meltdown? Was it in public or behind closed doors? I'm joined by Nyemade aka That African Butterfly to talk about the baggage of breakdowns. Everyone has them, lets normalize being...

Living liberated - Designing women
January 10, 2024x
01:08:3162.72 MB

Living liberated - Designing women

Hey Listeners I'm back with a new mini series: Living Liberated and joined by writer / podcaster and keeper of pop culture Janelle Torres. We talk about how we are designing our lives this year! Pleas...

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